Marketing and sustainability of eggs in Southeast Asia


In this second part, Vincent Guyonnet, Managing Director at FFI Consulting and past speaker of Asian Agribiz’s Layer Feed Quality Conference, says the time is right for Southeast Asian egg producers to innovateand invest in branding and packaging.

Dr Guyonnet also suggests the producers invest in egg processing to enjoy price and supply stability. “The potential is great as there are only few egg-processing plants in the region,” he says.

On environmental sustainability, Dr Guyonnet says producers should address the issue beginning with feed because almost 70% of production emissions come from feed. Therefore, producers should find ways to improve the feed conversion ratio.

Finally, Dr Guyonnet addresses the importance of modern precision farming and automation and their link to production costs, animal health, food safety, and sustainability.

Managing Editor and Editor of Asian Poultry Magazine.


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