Vaccination – getting the most out of it


Producers blame vaccination failure when diseases occur in farms, but often, it is the handling/administration/procedures that are the cause. In this podcast with Meliyana of Asian Agribiz, Jessica Lee of Ceva Animal Health discusses:

• Why to vaccinate and how vaccines work

• The right time to vaccinate

• How should vaccines be handled/stored

• Why vaccination may not be effective

• Vaccine technology in the future

Jessica Lee is Veterinary Services Manager at Ceva Animal Health Asia, overseeing veterinary services related affairs in the region. She had experience in hatchery vaccination equipment, product registration, field veterinary services and vaccination support in hatchery.

Regional Correspondent, Jakarta, Indonesia. Meli covered how automation is revolutionizing the regional poultry industry in the article, ‘When digital poultry technology becomes a necessity’.


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