Technologies that help reduce food waste


Food waste in the meat industry has substantial environmental and economic impacts. Estimates suggest that 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are associated with food that is not consumed. Food waste is also a growing issue for producers and is one where decisions on production machinery can have a significant impact on overall efficiency.

In this podcast, Grant Parsons addresses:  

• Food and meat waste issues in Asia amid the pandemic

• High technology equipment and packaging that reduce food waste

• Food waste management strategies

• How food waste reduction improves the company’s bottom line

Grant Parsons is APAC Leader – Protein Solutions, Primary & Secondary Processing at JBT.

Joint-Editor, Asian Meat Magazine and Meat Insider, Bangkok, Thailand. The African swine fever hitting the pig industry in Thailand as kept Payungsak busy, writing, ‘Support required for small-scale pig farms affected by ASF’ for the Pig Health Monitor.


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