Achieving resilience and sustainability for SE Asia’s animal protein sector


The animal protein sector is said to contribute significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions and therefore, climate change. But it is also a key component of food security.

This is especially true in Southeast Asia, where challenges continue to hound the animal protein industries where both big and small players play a crucial role. Understandably, improving productivity and enhancing efficiencies are key goals in achieving sustainability. But at the same time, resilience in the face of changing environmental and climatic conditions is also critical to survival.

Forum for the Future, a global sustainability non-profit, is working to help bring about a balanced system in Southeast Asia that could address issues facing animal protein producers in the region.

In this podcast, Lesley Mitchell, Associate Director for Sustainable Nutrition at Forum for the Future, talks to Isa Q Tan about what, through its Animal Protein Southeast Asia challenge, the agency is doing to help achieve this.

Editor, Asian Pork Magazine, Manila, Philippines. Isa wrote a comprehensive report on how vaccinations work or fail, the types and trends in the article, ‘Vaccination essential for disease prevention, but not a silver bullet’.


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