How can producers leverage the changing Asian palate?


There is a new Asian consumer in the market, whose palate has changed thanks to education, awareness, and disposable incomes. These new eating behaviors are redirecting the food industry towards aspects such as nutritional and health values, food safety and traceability, together with animal welfare and sustainability.

Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University in the US and the President of Silvertip Management, Dave Donnan says producers have the capacity to steer the industry towards good food production practices according to changing consumer preferences. We captured these valuable insights in the podcast:

• Sustainability is not always at the forefront of purchasing decisions. Taste and price are key drivers of purchase decisions.

• Producers should offer consumers transparency through traceability and labelling.

• Purchasing and sourcing is shifting as producers/processors look for sustainable sources. The focus on commodity buying and cheapest source is shifting to reliable and quality supply.

• Nutritional value of food has become vital post-pandemic. Producers need to look at lean meats, less fat more protein and reformulate to win over health-conscious consumers.

• With e-commerce and the drive towards sustainability should be conscious of food waste and environment friendly packaging.

David Donnan is Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University and President of Silvertip Management. He has significant experience in the agriculture, food, and retail industries, having run companies, managed food plants and consulted to leading global retail and consumer product companies.

Joint-Editor, Asian Meat Magazine and Meat Insider, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Rajeswari (Rush) analysed how the meat sector innovated itself via multiple ways in 'Sustainability, health drive the new Asian consumer’.


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