Reducing carbon footprint with good feed management


Pig producers can reduce their carbon footprint by improving feed efficiency and moving forward with sustainable conversion, said Abe Huisman, R&D Director for Hendrix Genetics’ Swine Business Unit, in a podcast with Asian Agribiz. He said producers want to improve feed conversion. To do this sustainably, pigs must be capable of coping with new or novel feed ingredients. He also underscored the importance of survival rate. “Feed efficiency is qualified by the number of pigs that eventually make it to the slaughterhouses,” said Dr Huisman. Learn more by listening to/downloading the podcast here.

Regional Correspondent and Assistant Editor Asian Pork Magazine, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Covid-19 and the African swine fever had double impact on Asia’s pig sector and Ha Thu wrote a changing industry in, ‘Trends in Southeast Asia’s pig industry amid dual crisis’.