How can big data detect animal diseases?


Disease prevention management is a priority for producers. There are multiple diseases, which contribute to economic losses. The availability of animal health data advances real-time tracking of diseases and enables outbreak prediction. With big data, producers can raise value by identifying actionable information, enabling decision making that promotes efficiency, reduces cost and potential risk.

Suresh Neethirajan offers Asian Agribiz’s community insight into how big data helps in detecting animal diseases. He addresses:

• A description of big data

• Its role in detecting animal diseases

• Tools commonly used for big data analytics

• Challenges in accepting and implementing big data programs

• How big data can revolutionize the animal health industry?

Suresh Neethirajan is Associate Professor in the Animal Sciences Department, Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands.  His background is in bioengineering and sensor technologies, and he is focused on solutions that improve animal health and welfare through digital technologies. 

Regional Correspondent, Jakarta, Indonesia. In the article, ‘Imported pork threatens pig industry in Indonesia’, Meliyana speaks to Indonesian producers about facing challenges from imported pork while still handling the impacts of ASF on the industry.


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