Vaccination, biosecurity crucial in Salmonella control


The focus on food safety coupled with intermittent Salmonella outbreaks in the region has prompted poultry producers to vaccinate their chicks, especially layers. Western supermarkets have also pushed egg brands to adopt Salmonella vaccinations. This is expected to catch on in Asia. Dr Nicholas Phuah of Elanco said Salmonella contamination can be minimized with early vaccination, which reduces the chances of contamination in the gut. Dr Phuah, Elanco’s Animal Health Technical Manager for Vaccines in Asia Pacific, has been active in the poultry sector for 20 years. He provides technical support and assists customers with trouble shooting, training and support services.

Key takeaways:

• Salmonella vaccinations are available for layer chicks and can reduce or eliminate different strains of the bacteria in the gut.

• Salmonella contamination can happen at any point in the egg or broilers journey to end consumers.

• A good vaccine program should have thorough pre and follow-up measures including biosecurity to reduce contamination.

• Modern Salmonella vaccinations for chicks can be less stressful with easier methods such as via drinking water or feed.

Editor, Asian Meat Magazine, Alternative Protein and Meat Insider, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In the article, ‘Will Malaysia lose its Singapore chicken market?’, she analyzes whether Singapore’s dominant chicken exporter could lose a chunk of the market to countries like Indonesia because of policy instability.


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