Alternative ingredients viable for broiler and layer diets


Poultry production is cost sensitive, and feed is the single biggest cost. It is prudent to remain flexible regarding feed ingredients. Both broilers and layers are adaptable and can utilize nutrients from a wide range of feedstuffs. In Southeast Asia, poultry diets traditionally have utilized corn and soybean meal. But they could perform equally with alternative grains. Still, producers need to understand the nutrient composition of the alternatives and formulate the diets accordingly. 

In this podcast, Tony Edwards addresses:

• Alternative options in poultry diets amid high prices of corn and soybean meal

• The benefits of wheat, barley, sorghum, canola, sunflower meal in poultry diets

• Feed formulation in broiler and layer diets

• Supply of alternative feed ingredients from Australia   

Tony Edwards is a feed grain technical consultant to AEGIC (Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre).


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