Five Guys burger joint launched in Malaysia


American chain Five Guys burger has been launched in Malaysia qt Genting Highlands, Pahang. The popular brand has gone somewhat ‘Halal’ (without the Islamic Board’s official certification) in the predominantly Muslim country by being pork and pork-lard free.

Genting is a popular tourism spot that offers a theme park, luxury hotels and a gambling venue for non-Muslims and tourists, the first of its kind in the country. The burger brand’s classic cheeseburger is priced at a whopping USD 9.60, while shakes start from USD 6, which seems to focus on the higher income target market in the country. The launch of Five Guys signals the Malaysian economy’s road to recovery while the government sets the stage to welcome foreign tourism into the country soon.

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Five guys in Malaysia is Halal and is located at the Sky Avenue mall at Genting Highlands, bypassing the average consumer in the country as a luxury burger spot.