Functional feed for sustainable and cost effective aquaculture


Disease and high costs hamper the competitiveness of the Asian shrimp farming industry. Still, it is at a stage where sustainability must be concerned.

In this podcast, Marc Campet shares how functional feed can alleviate disease and environmental challenges at shrimp ponds. He also addresses the savings shrimp producers can realize from using this new feed line.

Marc Campet oversees aquaculture commercial development for Asia at ADM. He has been with the company for 20 years and has been based in Vietnam since 1995. Marc has held various positions from the technical field to R&D, and he currently manages ADM’s aquaculture product portfolio and coordinates innovation in the region.


  1. A very nice interview covering the importance of functional feeds in Shrimp aquaculture
    As rightly pointed our by Marc, the trend is towards an increased use of functional feed replacing or reducing the usage of regular feeds. With intensification of shrimp culture, it is imperative to ensure the health of the shrimps as well the environment in which the shrimps are cultured and functional feed is the only answer
    Good luck ADM. Thanks for sharing the information


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