Higher shipping costs lifts intra-regional trade


Higher shipping costs and longer delivery times have further fractured supply chains. Ports in Asia are congested amid logistics disruptions, container shortages, stringent checks and Covid-19 infections. Given this situation, some producers have tuned their focus to regional markets.

In this podcast, Rupert Claxton, a consultant discusses:

• Regional market potential in Asia
• Opportunities and challenges of the target markets
• The potential for regional trade
• Strategies to regain market share
• Future situation for the industry

Rupert Claxton is Meat Director at Gira. He has worked as a strategy consultant in the food sector since joining Gira in 2003, with a high level of specialization in global meat markets, especially in the developing world.

Regional Correspondent, Jakarta, Indonesia. Meli covered how automation is revolutionizing the regional poultry industry in the article, ‘When digital poultry technology becomes a necessity’.


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