PRRS continues to spread in Indonesia


Feliks Adi Nugroho, Technical Service Manager Swine at Boehringer Ingelheim, told Asian Agribiz that based on samples from customers’ farms, he could confirm that PRRS is now in North Sumatera, Central Java, and Bali.

Feliks Adi Nugroh

A study by researchers from Udayana University and published in 2013 showed that PRRS is already endemic in Bali.

“From this research, we can conclude that challenges from PRRS virus in the field already exist perhaps even 10 years ago,” said Dr Nugroho.

He remarked that the field virus circulating in Indonesia may have already mutated, although tests have shown that it is genetically close to the American genotype.

Low priority

Unfortunately, the Indonesian government has not prioritized PRRS despite its negative impacts on the pig farming industry.

“PRRS affects pig production performance, which is different from ASF, which causes sudden death and kills the entire herd. This may be why the government pays little attention to PRRS.

Moreover, only a few government labs can test for the virus,” a pig industry observer told Asian Agribiz.

Dr Nugroho hopes the government would upgrade its laboratories to test for PRRS and help the industry control the disease. He also hopes for periodic surveillance in pig production centers to monitor the real situation of the disease in the field.

“With good monitoring and prevention, we can help pig farmers improve farm performance and prevent this disease from spreading further,” he concluded.

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