Marel’s 2-in-1 smart system for off-cuts


Marel has introduced the I-Cut 122 TrimSort which can do multiple cuts and also split meat in two streams adding considerable value to off-cuts.

This would be useful for processors of portioned products such as crispy tenders, medallions, burgers, uniform fillets, strips, nuggets and cubes, which are in demand at supermarkets and quick service restaurants.

The machine can handle various single stream boneless products, accurately distributing them to two streams at high speeds.

Its intergrated TrimSort functionality and software also allows distribution of many combinations of cut products to the two integrated belt pairs, all while saving space too.

Marel’s I-Cut 122 Trimsort is able to portion and sort in many different ways. It can handle the majority of products demanded by retail, QSR and catering customers.

A smaller fillet, cutoffs and trim

I-Cut can portion a fillet into a smaller fillet, useful off-cuts and trim, while sorting the cut items on two conveyor belt pairs. The smaller cut fillet on the top belts can be used for QSR or retail products such as fixed-weight fillet packs or whole muscle meat burgers.

  The rapid opening and closing belts do a reliable, meticulous sorting job, in close cooperation with the cutting knife which has an accuracy of 5g. For example, a tenderloin can be fed into the TrimSort, where it transforms into perfect cubes on the upper belt and drop the tail too.

It is also comes with the latest handling and communication software to keep collected data connected to each product on the belt, allowing distribution to its intended destination.

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