Demand for plant-based food options grows in Indonesia


Plant-based fast food is becoming more popular across Indonesia, prompted by greater consumer awareness of health, sustainability, and animal welfare, with many food chains across the country jumping on the trend.

Plant-based meats on the menu

Earlier this year, Starbucks partnered with Green Rebel, a brand of plant-based meat founded by the creators behind Indonesia’s largest vegan chain Burgreens, to launch three new meat-free items across more than 50 locations in Jakarta and Bali. 

In May, fast-food major Burger King launched the Plant-Based Whopper, made with a vegan beef patty supplied by Unilever subsidiary The Vegetarian Butcher.

Two leading steakhouse chains, Abuba Steaks and Pepperlunch, offer Green Rebel’s new plant-based products called a Beefless Steak and a Chick’n Steak.

Cholesterol-free with less saturated fat, the steaks are high in fiber while offering a similar taste and texture to real meat.

The items are part of Green Rebel’s range of more than 12 products including Chick’n Satay, Chick’n Katsu, and Beefless Rendang that are created from mushrooms, GMO-free soy protein, chickpeas, and seitan.

First plant-based whole cut steak in Asia debuted by Green Rebel.

Pizza topping goes meatless

Meanwhile, Domino’s recently added two meatless items to its menu. Inspired by local flavors, the new pizzas — Jerky Black Pepper and Beef Rendang Special — are made from plant-based beef alternatives developed in partnership with Green Rebel. 

Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Green Rebel, Max Mandias said: “Changing diets have driven the trend of plant-based foods. People will make the shift as long as there is a flavorful, convenient, and wide range of options.”

Plant-based with local flavors

With heightened consumer demand for vegan options, Green Rebel is now gearing up to expand distribution in retail channels, with more than 100 outlets to begin stocking its plant-based range in October.

Mr Mandias said that local flavors will set the company apart from other plant-based meat companies entering the market.

“We are excited to be the pioneering plant-based startup that focuses on the unique culinary experience of Indonesian and Southeast Asian cuisines,” he added.