Transformation and trends in poultry primary processing


The way poultry meat is purchased and consumed in Asia is changing. Prompted by the pandemic, the shift away from traditional live bird markets has been swift. Consumers are leaning towards convenience, food safety and health. This has led to greater technology adoption in primary processing. In this podcast on how the poultry processing landscape is evolving, Pete van Poorten, Meyn Global Food Processing Technology’s Global Product Manager and Mukanjay Singh, Meyn India’s Director highlight how:

• There is a paradigm shift with wet market purchase being quickly replaced by clean, hygienic, processed retail products. Food safety has taken precedence for consumers.

• The Covid-19 pandemic made both producers and processors realize the volatility of the poultry market. Whether it’s Covid or other avian influenza, stakeholders cannot afford ongoing price fluctuations, thus an efficient processing and storage set up is needed.

• Lockdowns raised labor issues, leading to more demand and adoption of automation to stem acute supply shortage.

• Rapid increase in demand due to population growth is imminent and the best way to move forward is by adopting technology, which can also help control production wastage while offering value to less popular cuts.

Mr van Poorten’s vast background as process technologist and quality manager at meat processing plants makes him an expert in optimizing automation in this sector. Meanwhile, Mr Mukanjay’s broad network in India and Sri Lanka gives him an edge in international management, market access, strategic alliances and business development.


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