IBH serotype 8b and 11 prevalent in Indonesia


Adenoviral inclusion body hepatitis (IBH) is also an important poultry disease in Indonesia, besides Newcastle disease and avian influenza.

Teguh Prajitno, President Director of Vaksindo Satwa Nusantara told Asian Agribiz that they found IBH serotype 8a, 8b and 11 in the country, but the most-dominant ones are 8b and 11.

“We have been producing the IBH 8b vaccine. Next, we want to produce one with a combination of 8b and 11,” he said.

According to OIE, IBH is associated with sudden onset mortality which peaks within 3-4 days and ceases by days 5-6, although in some outbreaks, deaths have continued for up to three weeks.

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