October/November 2021 issue


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Feed-grade amino acids: Alternatives to soybean meal
The good news: Poultry consumption across Asia has been increasing. The not-so good news: Meat producers have had to find cost-effective feed proteins for their growing flocks. Drawing upon their research and experiences for this article, Peter H Selle, Peter V Chrystal and Sonia Yun Liu explore how soybean can be replaced with feed-grade amino acids to manage rising costs.

Feed form affects apparent metabolizable energy of feed ingredients in broilers
MAHMOUD KHALIL, REZA ABDOLLAHI, FIFI ZAEFARIAN and RAVI RAVINDRAN investigate the impact of mash versus pelleted feed on energy evaluation of individual feed ingredients for broilers.

East Nusa Tenggara to build three medium-capacity feedmills
The provincial government has big plans for the feedmills, allocating around USD 2.7 million to the project, which is projected to revitalize its feed industry, Dr Daniel Kameo reveals to ARIEF FACHRUDIN.

Methionine application – spray accuracy and homogeneity
WILLIAM GOH, CLAIRE XU and KEVIN LIU compiled 86 lab reports from 22 feed mills across six countries in the Asia Pacific region, that clearly show both recovery and homogeneity of liquid OH-methionine are as reliable and consistent as the dry form of methionine.

Quality Feeds grows with Bangladesh’s aquafeed sector
Aquaculture is one of Bangladesh’s biggest success stories and companies like Quality Feeds are cashing in on this achievement by investing heavily in the sector, writes ZAHRAH IMTIAZ

Copper toxicity in broilers – a hidden effect?
ALESSANDRA MONTEIRO and STÉPHANE DUROSOY question if older meta-analyses and literature reviews on the use of copper as a growth promoter are still relevant, as some ingredients in old feed formulas could have interfered with the results. As an example, they focus on the interactions between copper and roxarsone.

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