Alternative feed ingredients essential for pig diets


In Southeast Asia, there has been conservative use of corn and soy and pig producers have relied heavily on these grains. But the surge in corn and soybean meal prices has left producers looking for cost-effective alternatives. Barley, wheat and other grains have emerged as economic options. The pig is an adaptable omnivore, which can utilize a broad range of feedstuffs, but producers need to understand the nutrient content and know how to use them properly.           

In this podcast, Tony Edwards addresses:

• Viable options in pig diets amid high prices of corn and soybean meal

• The benefits of barley and wheat in pig diets

• The role of enzymes in barley-based diets

• Growing demand for Australian barley from countries in Southeast Asia

• Barley supply in Australia

Tony Edwards is a feed grain technical consultant to AEGIC (Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre).

Editor, Asian Meat Magazine and Meat Insider, Bangkok, Thailand. Discusses the business opportunities, challenges and price gaps of meat and alternative proteins with Maarten Geraets of Thai Union Group in the podcast, ‘Capturing plant-based business opportunities’.


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