Pathogen transfer via feed and feed raw materials: Minimizing the risks


Studies have shown that feed and feed raw materials are potential vectors for viruses to spread to animals. Thus, a big challenge today is how to minimize the risks. In the last few years, viruses like ASF, PED, PRRS, pseudorabies, Classical Swine Fever, and even FMD, have been shown to survive in feed raw materials even during long-distance travel.

In this podcast, Scott Dee details the role feed and feed raw materials play in pathogen spread, which raw material presents the most risk, and how industry players can reduce these risks and keep their animals safe.

Dr Dee is currently Director of Applied Research at Pipestone Veterinary Services in the US. He has conducted many studies and authored papers on pigs and feed, including the initial publications on the proof of concept of PED virus transmission in feed and the transboundary survival of the ASF virus in feed. A multi-awarded industry practitioner, he earned his DVM, MS, and PhD from the University of Minnesota.

Editor, Asian Pork Magazine, Manila, Philippines. Isa wrote a comprehensive report on how vaccinations work or fail, the types and trends in the article, ‘Vaccination essential for disease prevention, but not a silver bullet’.


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