Beef for the Asian millennial: Challenges and opportunities


Asia is home to 58% of millennials globally, and so represents a dynamic and captive market. They represent an important consumer group, begging the question ‘how will their meat consumption decisions impact livestock processors and how should processors adapt to stay relevant?’

In this podcast we talk to Amy Brooks, Marketing Manager of Stockyard Beef, a leading Australian exporter of grain fed beef. 

Amy discusses:
• How beef processors need to adapt to sustainable practices to appeal to millennial consumers
• Why processors need to tell a better story about meat in the current market.
• How lab grown and plant-based meats are here to stay, but that does not mean, meat has had its day.

Editor, Asian Feed Magazine and FeedWatch, Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Russian-Ukraine war has intense implications on the world grain markets and Zahrah has her fingers on the pulse with articles like, ‘Wheat, corn markets shudder over Russia-Ukraine conflict’.


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