Eco-friendly packaging can make economic sense


Asia is the world’s largest market for packaging, accounting for over 40% of global packaging consumption. The region’s packaging consumption has been driven by population growth, urbanization and a rising middle class. Perishable food packaging has seen significant growth in recent years. However, consumers today are concerned about sustainability amid rising packaging demand. Producers are trying to find solutions and meet this demand.

In this podcast, Onat Bayraktar addresses:
• The growth of online food purchasing and the need for omnichannel packaging
• A greater push towards healthy living and food safety and hygiene, accelerated by Covid-19
• Different interpretations of eco-friendly packaging
• The advantages and limitations of recyclable, plant-based, and biodegradable packaging materials
• The benefits of vacuum skin packaging and modified atmosphere packaging

Onat Bayraktar is Vice President, Asia at Sealed Air Corporation. In leading the business for Sealed Air in Asia, Mr Onat is responsible for managing the business as well as providing strategic direction for the region.


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