June/July 2021 issue

Feizrul Amril Nurbi

Ladangku reaps digital harvest during pandemic
The big push to digitize has helped drive a Malaysian halal producer’s chicken meat sales, writes RAJESWARI RAMANEE interviews Feizrul Amril Nurbi.

When is an enzyme in feed, not a feed enzyme?
Feed enzymes increase the nutritional value of poultry feed, but other kinds of enzymes can be used to improve gut health. RICHARD DUCATELLE explains that bacterial peptidoglycans negatively affect gut function – muramidases help break them down, increasing production efficiency.

Future farmers focus on antibiotic-free farming
An antibiotic-free pilot farm in Vietnam has been shown to be feasible, but strong commitment is needed, writes HA THU.

Australian barley for poultry in Southeast Asia using enzymes
Australian barley is a viable option for partial replacement of corn in poultry diets in Southeast Asia. TONY EDWARDS explains how to extract its full value.

New identity offers digital breakthrough
With a new identity, the company formerly known as Sierad Produce is transforming its integrated poultry business through digitalization, writes MELIYANA.

7 myths and truths about zearalenone in poultry production
LORRAN BAEUMLE GABARDO tests your knowledge about what is myth and what is truth about zearalenone in poultry production. She also highlights some of the negative effects of this frequently occurring mycotoxin.

Suaedi Sunanto

Startup calculates and optimizes broiler gut health
A gut health scoring and optimization system can help broiler producers optimize the gut health of their birds, Suaedi Sunanto, the founder of Gut Health Compass tells ARIEF FACHRUDIN.

Coccidiosis prevention – what’s new?
CESAR LOPES & LEANDRO FERREIRA describe how differentiated blend of the newest ionophore Semduramicin which is active in the intestinal lumen and Nicarbazin, a bimodal salt that acts mainly within the intestinal walls, provides improved prevention of coccidiosis when compared with other ionophore based combinations.

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