June/July 2021 issue

Matthew Clark

Revisiting broiler precision feeding and nutrition as feed prices soar – Part 2 – Defining formula specifications
MATTHEW CLARK explores the process of setting feed formula specification as a contributor to the overall practice of precision feeding.

Chaisaks Ruthtanhashap

New feedmill strengthens Stars Food’s value chain
Having started with just one slaughterhouse for the domestic market, Thailand’s Stars Food is now expanding rapidly into feed milling, broiler PS farming, and export-oriented slaughtering, writes PAYUNGSAK WIRIYABUNDITKUL.

Feed mixing – closer to perfection with dry-methionine
BALACHANDAR JAYARAMAN, PRADEEP KRISHAN and JOO PHIAW ANG focus on the impact of supplemental liquid methionine hydroxy analogue-free acid (MHA-FA) versus dry DL-Methionine (DL-Met) on mixing homogeneity. 

Holistic 3-step approach to improve gut health
Step 3 of 3 – Improving gut microbiome and reducing intestinal inflammation
CLAIRE XU, SUMIT SAXENA, KEVIN LIU and DAMIEN PREVERAUD explain how to further sustain animal resilience by acting on the three lines of defense: more beneficial microbiota, strengthened mucosal barrier function and reduced intestinal inflammation, which in turn result in a better animal performance and profitability for the producers. 

Reducing heat stress susceptibility in broilers
WOO KYUN KIM, YUGUO TOMPKINS, CHONXIAO CHEN, DIMA WHITE and STEVE LEESON discuss how a natural heat-stable antioxidant and adaptogen can decrease heat stress susceptibility in broilers.

Which copper source for my feed?
VALÉRIE KROMM and JENNIFER MAURIN present dicopper oxide – an innovative source of copper.

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