Smart farming for efficiency and profitability


It is not hard to introduce technology into poultry farming according to Evonik’s Kristof Mertens. It depends on the goals producers set to achieve like production scales, quality of products (broiler or eggs), and efficiency, while maintaining a bird’s eye view of the business using pure data. Mr Mertens is the creator of Porphyrio, an integrated management system for data collection, processing, and information analysis for modern poultry farming. In this podcast with Asian Agribiz, we find out: 

• Smart farming involves using collected data to make better business decisions such as in feed strategies and even provide added value in sustainability, such as managing ammonia levels from manure. Setting business goals and achieving them is doable by using data collection and knowing how to manipulate them accordingly.  

• Data information process can be easily used to adapt or diversify into different production methods, whether birds are going into live markets or for further processing, an issue in the post-pandemic market. 

• Having your data in a cloud system is safe and secure. Reluctance to upload production information is unfounded, as most sensitive information from different corporations or legislative outfits together with individuals’ personal details are already in clouds.  

• The difference between using data collected from self-made smart systems and using something like what Porphyrio offers is the ability to compare best practices. While collected propriety data is protected, general best practice parameters can be used as analytics for better performance in birds, translating into better profitability with the shared knowledge.  

Kristof is an entrepreneur, animal, and data scientist with a mission to turn sensor data into profit for farm managers worldwide. He carries a Masters in Livestock Production and a PhD in Bioscience Engineering from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, focusing on a design for Early Warning System for Laying Hens. For his doctorate, he used advanced statistics to turn process data of livestock production to more profit with better performance. 

Joint-Editor, Asian Meat Magazine and Meat Insider, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Rajeswari (Rush) analysed how the meat sector innovated itself via multiple ways in 'Sustainability, health drive the new Asian consumer’.


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