May 2021 issue

Ho Tuan Vuong (right) and his mother Lam Thi Lan Chi.

Lan Chi thrives on high quality Orvia breeding ducks
Orvia’s Pekin ST5 is gaining ground in Vietnam’s duck sector thanks to its climate adaptation. Ho Tuan Vuong tells HA THU that Lan Chi Farm has revealed its satisfaction with raising and breeding Orvia GPS and PS, that are well adapted to the challenge of the duck industry in Vietnam.

Selective removal of Salmonella from broilers using a novel technology
TRISTAN COGAN, HOLGER KNEUPER, HADDEN GRAHAM and MARTIN WOODWARD present a trial for a new CRISPR-based patented technology introduced into a vector Escherichia coli probiotic designed to selectively remove all Salmonella serovars from the bird gut.


Telur Intan is geared to survive amid stiff competition
The Indonesian poultry farm that has decided to stay independent is banking on closed houses and home-mixed feed for better cost-efficiency, farm owner Kholiq tells MELIYANA.

Guanidinoacetic acid improves performance and carcass quality in broilers
Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) is an immediate substrate for biosynthesis of creatine, which is important in energy metabolism, particularly of muscle cells. BALACHANDAR JAYARAMAN and PRADEEP KRISHNAN report a trial that shows GAA can significantly improve growth performance in broilers.

Danilo Pumarega

Finding opportunities in adversity
Just months into operation, a new quick-service restaurant in the Philippines faced challenges that few other start-ups would have survived. Danilo Pumarega tells ISA Q TAN on how Kukuruku Lechon Fried Chicken overcame these.

Antimicrobial resistance in mycoplasmas in Asia
Dr CHRIS MORROW summarizes a recent investigation of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic mycoplasma isolates in Asia. The study shows that isolation and MIC determination can be done from remote locations and suggests that this may provide information that will allow more effective and responsible use of antimicrobials or other methods of control of avian mycoplasma.

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