Controlling livestock epidemics and food safety with blockchain technology


Food safety is an emerging issue in Vietnam as there is an increasing number of violations like water pumping in pigs at slaughterhouses, or using banned substances at farms. Elsewhere, the increasing severity of livestock diseases and epidemics is challenging livestock producers and authorities in controlling the spread.

In this podcast, Dao Ha Trung discusses how blockchain technology has opened an avenue for disease control and food safety. He also talks about the internal control over an integrated production chain that helps companies improve their efficiency and food safety.

Dr Trung is President of Ho Chi Minh City High Technology Association, and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Austria. He is the Co-founder and Chairman of Te-Food International based in Germany. Today Te-Food is the world’s largest farm-to-table food traceability system based on blockchain technology.

Regional Correspondent and Assistant Editor Asian Pork Magazine, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Her ‘Biosecurity remains the best protection against diseases’ article emphasizes on most effective tools that can protect pigs against diseases like PRRS, PED, and ASF.


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