AI adds a new dimension to biosecurity


Biosecurity and disease control are a top priority for producers amid the ASF spread in several countries. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) can play an important role in disease prevention in pig farms and other livestock farms.  

Technology companies are seeing the potential and business opportunities. Sertis is a data science and AI research company that has worked with many large companies in Thailand including CP Foods (CPF). Sertis has developed the CPF AI farm lab, which issues alerts automatically if biosecurity is breached and thus compromising the safety of the livestock. The detection is automatically done via CCTV cameras and real-time notifications are sent to managers.

The AI farm lab technology is designed to optimize farm management with real time monitoring and violation detection and notification.  

In this podcast, Tee Vachiramon addresses:

• How AI technology increases biosecurity and prevents diseases including ASF
• How AI software works in the CPF AI farm lab
• The difference between the AI farm lab and other farms, which deploy CCTV cameras
• Level of investment needed for AI in a farm
• What’s next for AI technology in the livestock business

Tee Vachiramon is CEO of Sertis. His areas of specialty include data science, artificial intelligence, and data strategy. Mr Tee had worked in London and Beijing in the technology sector.  

Editor, Asian Meat Magazine and Meat Insider, Bangkok, Thailand. Discusses the business opportunities, challenges and price gaps of meat and alternative proteins with Maarten Geraets of Thai Union Group in the podcast, ‘Capturing plant-based business opportunities’.


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