March/April 2021 issue

Chilled meat at a hygienic shop setup looks better than hanging randomly at wet markets for modern consumers.

Evolving buying habits prompt investment in chilled meat
The pandemic has forced changes in the way consumers are buying meat products. MELIYANA and the Asian Agribiz team look at the new opportunities this evolving market will bring.

Gilbert Wantalangi

Processing saves North Sulawesi from pig oversupply
Five farmers in North Sulawesi, Indonesia decided to set up a pig processing plant to stem an issue with live pig oversupply. They hope the move would serve as a model for other farmers, writes ARIEF FACHRUDIN.

Danilo Pumarega and Kukuruku Lechon Fried Chicken have been beating the odds.

Finding opportunities from adversity
Just months into operation, a new quick-service restaurant in the Philippines faced challenges that few other start-ups would have survived. ISA Q TAN learns how Kukuruku Lechon Fried Chicken overcame these.

Dominique Kull

Furthering innovation in plant-based tech
As new plant-based products emerge, two Swiss companies are providing the technology needed to make them desirable, writes RAJESWARI RAMANEE.

MANAGEMENT COLUMN: What makes a good director?
In this final article of the series, John, the MD of the hypothetical Mountain Ridge Pork, has requested commentary and the attributes of a good non-executive director.

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