March/April 2021 issue


Berkcious succeeds with differentiation
A Malaysian farm has ventured into free-range black pork production in a bid to capture the Iberico market. RAJESWARI RAMANEE speaks with Jimmy Lee about his trials and success.

Nutrigenomics – feeding genes
Nutrigenomics – the effect of environment and diet on gene expression may give Asian pig producers a practical method to improve important production traits explains ART FRIO.

Patrick Ty

Rebuilding the pig industry beyond ASF
ASF has without question wreaked havoc in Asia’s pig industry and prompted the demise of traditional production in Asia’s pig industry and prompted the demise of traditional production methods. ISA Q TAN looks at how the production landscape will look beyond the virus.

How zearalenone impacts reproductive performance in pigs
Reproductive performance is fundamental to the economic success of swine production operations, but zearalenone (ZEN), a common mycotoxin, is a frequent cause of reproduction problems. BETTINA BEHLER-WOECHTL explains the signs and symptoms of ZEN problems and actions to prevent or remedy them.

Alvin Kosnanto

Pandemic a ‘blessing in disguise’ for Akos Farm
Amid the pandemic, Indonesia’s Akos Farm saw sales at its new pork retail business skyrocket by 400%, writes ARIEF FACHRUDIN.

The importance of birthweight
Piglet birthweight is an important metric for survivability. MAX PURSER and JOHN CARR consider factors that affect birthweight, as well as subsequent performance.

MANAGEMENT MATTERS: Management of your farrowing heat mat matters
In the wild, the pig would make a burrow into a bank of earth and make a nest. A similar circumstance is mimicked in outdoor pig farming, using the farrowing arc and clean deep straw bedding.

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