January/February 2021 issue

Andrew Djuana

Sumber Pakis boosts its pig genetics
A year since the Philippines confirmed ASF on its shores, the virus continues to spread and, for now, there seems no end in sight. ISA Q TAN talks with Rex Jaymalin about where the local pig industry is now and where it might be headed.

Micro-enteral nutrition concept for piglets gaining ground in Asia
Micro-enteral nutrition is delivering small amounts of water, electrolytes, and readily-absorbed nutrients (glucose, amino acids, and small peptides) directly to the enterocytes, improving nutrient absorption and gut morphology explains MATHIEU CORTYL. Vietnamese trials clearly show that as a consequence, pre-weaning mortality is reduced.

Viruses continue to influence pork market despite recovery
ASF and coronavirus were a double-threat to the global pork industry last year. While their influence will continue to be felt for some time longer, there is light at the end of the tunnel, writes ISA Q TAN.

DL-Methionine – Quality excellence and improved performance in pigs
BALACHANDAR JAYARAMAN and PRADEEP KRISHNAN focus on recent published information on the relative bioavailability of methionine sources in pigs.

Johan van den Ban

Is there still room for pig smallholders?
ASF has been wreaking havoc in Southeast Asia for nearly two years. Without a vaccine available, the most potent tool against it is biosecurity—something many small-scale producers have ignored, write HA THU and ISA Q TAN.

MANAGEMENT MATTERS: Management of the toilet matter
Architects constructing pig buildings consider many things in the design, from how to hold the roof up to the individual pen slat size. But how many times is ‘where are the pigs are going to defecate?’ properly taken into account? We talk about lying area and spend time, energy and design worrying about making a comfortable place for the pigs to lie down, but only to find that this special area is then used as a toilet by the first group of pigs!

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