Why do avian influenza outbreaks recur despite precautions?


The past couple of months has seen widespread avian influenza (AI) outbreaks in Asia. Our Avian Influenza Monitor page , details outbreaks in Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, India, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, China and Iran. These have been in commercial poultry farms, as well as in backyard farms and wild birds.

In this podcast episode, Dr Teguh Prajitno addresses:
• Highly pathogenic AI and low pathogenic AI cases in the region
• Vaccination strategy to control the disease
• Relation to live bird markets and the AI virus
• Transparency and openness in control of the global spread of AI

Dr Teguh Prajitno is a molecular biologist and Managing Director of Strategic Business Unit – Animal Health & Livestock Equipment (Vaksindo and Agrinusa) at Japfa Comfeed Indonesia.


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