November/December 2020 issue

Rex Jaymalin

The Philippine pig industry – where to?
A year since the Philippines confirmed ASF on its shores, the virus continues to spread and, for now, there seems no end in sight. ISA Q TAN talks with Rex Jaymalin about where the local pig industry is now and where it might be headed.

Benefits of applying multi-proteases in piglet diets
ALEX WU and CHRISTOPHE BODENREIDER present in vivo and in vitro data to support multi-protease enzymes perform better than single protease enzymes.

Prisma’s program trains smallholders and helps them raise their incomes.

Prisma helps smallholders raise income with training and better feed
The first phase of the Prisma program has contributed much to the development of the pig sector in Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara province. Now in its second phase, Ferdinandus Rondong says it aims to continue boosting the income of small farmers there, writes MELIYANA.

Sow productivity: reviewing attrition rate
MAX PURSER and JOHN CARR review sow potential and attrition rate and ask the question – “have we been focusing on the right area?”

Genesus’s SPF pigs arriving in Hanoi. The pigs were transported in pallets with their own water supply.

Could SPF pigs be suitable for Asian farm repopulation?
While ASF continues to plague pig producing countries in Asia, producers affected by the virus have been searching for ways to repopulate their farms. ARIEF FACHRUDIN asks how realistic it is for Asian pig producers to raise high-health pigs.

Is dynamic ideal protein ratio a need for immune challenged piglets?
BALACHANDAR JAYARAMAN and PRADEEP KRISHNAN discuss the importance of functional amino acids and their role in immune response and recent research work conducted on determination of threonine:lysine and tryptophan:lysine in immune-challenged piglets.

Sow feed intake during lactation and its effect on litter uniformity
SIMON ESKINAZI and LUIZ SOUZA present that by stimulating sow appetite, a feed palatant included in the lactation diet improved piglet liveweight and litter uniformity at weaning, while maintaining sow body condition.

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