How are digitalization and displacement challenging and recalibrating food and agri systems?


In this interview with Jean-Yves Chow, we look at retailing models, the labor landscape, automation and re-engineering food-service, among others. JY also walks us through omni-channels and shop-streaming that is lending authenticity and rapport with the product, producer, and the consumer. He also addresses supply chains and paradigm shifts and the growing focus on food security.

JY Chow, APAC Agrifood Sector Coverage Lead, Mizuho Bank, is an Agrifood Advisor and Financing Expert who loves to get his boots muddy! He has over 18 years of experience in Asia Pacific across operations, strategy, and banking. His food passion started in the kitchen of his family restaurant in France and evolved into engineering and finance. He is wide-eyed about how Foodtech and Agtech are reshaping our future.

Click here to read an article by JY Chow: ‘The four key dimensions in agrifood post Covid-19’.


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