Gordon Butland addresses the need for greater adoption of technology in Asia


We have seen an uptrend in onboarding technology both at farm and processing levels prior to and during the pandemic. In this podcast, Gordon Butland addresses how:

  • With consolidation farms are getting bigger and it is more prudent to operate with technology
  • Biosecurity is more crucial both for the producer and consumer in terms of profitability and food safety
  • The health crisis is making governments look inward and towards self-sufficiency and food security, while actively exploring local and regional markets.
  • The labor shortage is pushing the agenda for automation.

Gordon Butland is Director of G&S Agriconsultants Co Ltd, Thailand. He established a career in accounting that saw him rise to become Chief Financial Officer for the Coca Cola Company for South Latin America. In 1989 he started his association with Rabobank International. In the mid-90s he started to visit Southeast Asia and in 1998 moved to Asia and became Rabobank’s Global Head of the poultry sector. In September 2004 he retired and is now concentrating on advisory assignments within the entire spectrum of the global poultry industry.

Editorial Director, Asian Agribusiness Media, Kuala Lumpur


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