The use of barley in Asian livestock feed


Barley ranks fourth in global cereal production after corn, wheat and rice. About 65% of the world’s barley produced is fed to animals, including broilers, layers, pigs and dairy cows.

Asian Agribiz, with the support of the Australian Export Grains Innovation Center, has assembled a range of resources to help Asian livestock producers assess the potential to utilize barley in their feeds.


Using Australian barley in Asian broiler feeds – a webinar from Asian Agribiz

Australian feed grade barley is becoming available at a price that may make it competitive in certain markets. Dr TIM WALKER explains how barley can be successfully used in broiler feed at levels of up to 30% of the total ration.

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Australian barley for pigs – from Asian Pork Magazine

Dr BRENTON HOSKING explains that barley contains less digestible energy than corn and wheat, because of its higher concentration of crude fibre, which can be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on how you use it. It is suitable for all types of pigs and provides more amino acids and more phosphorus than corn.

Australian barley for broilers: Value and opportunity – from Asian Poultry Magazine

Dr TIM WALKER reports that feed barley is a proven, reliable grain for poultry, including broilers and its nutritional value is well understood. It has low mycotoxin contamination and while it’s better suited to breeders and layers because of lower ME, it can be included in broiler feed, including as whole grain.

Using lupins and barley in Asian dairy diets – from Asian Feed Magazine article

Dr STEVE LITTLE reviews the nutritive value of lupins and barley for dairy cows and offers recommendations for their use.

Australian barley for layers: Value and opportunity – from Asian Poultry Magazine

Dr TIM WALKER considers the nutritional attributes of Australian feed barley and concludes that it is worthy of consideration in commercial Asian layer diets.

Australian barley – Quality, safety, and reliability – a brochure from AEGIC


AEGIC season update – Western Australia, 7 October 2020

AEGIC season update – South Australia, 7 October 2020

AEGIC season update – Eastern states, 7 October 2020

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