August/September 2020 issue

Teguh Priatno

Pakindo’s venture into feed shows good progress
Indonesia’s Pakindo Jaya Perkasa has emerged from murky waters which threatened business closure. The company now intends to set up a second feedmill in the near future, writes MELIYANA.

Advances in fiber nutrition in monogastric animals: where do we stand?
JAE CHEOL KIM and ALEJANDRO CRIADO discuss how the information generated by fiber analysis using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIR) technology can be best used in practical formulations for monogastrics.

Cows are milked on a rotary parlor.

Special feed for A2 cows at Eco Farm
Eco Farm Solutions in Sarawak, East Malaysia, raises A2 milk-producing cows. These are given special rations containing barley fodder and corn silage, writes RAJESWARI RAMANEE.

The right charcoal source can support gut health
Charcoals have been known and appreciated for thousands of years for their purifying effects and general detoxification purposes. MIEKE ZOON describes how this knowledge can be applied to livestock and poultry to improve their gut health by reducing the negative impacts of enterotoxins & mycotoxins.

Ezhil Subbian

Startup gets ready to market protein from methane fermentation
Climate change, natural disasters and pests have led to corn shortages in South Asia, driving up costs to painful levels. But imagine a world where this was not an issue, writes ZAHRAH IMTIAZ.

Novel trace mineral technology prevents oxidation in premix and feed
WENBIAO LU, YINGGU KUANG and MANLI LIU present new research that highlights the importance of form of trace minerals in animal diets.

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