Bumpy road for Thai pigs to Vietnam

Every day 500 - 800 pigs are exported from Thailand to Vietnam.

Pig price in Vietnam is at an all-time-high due to short supply. Pork consumers are now wondering what has happened to imports from Thailand that was due o cool prices.
After two weeks of smooth imports of 500 – 800 heads/day, Thai pig exports to Vietnam has back-peddled in the face of obstacles. Pig importers said that the quarantine procedures are too complicated. “Two weeks ago we expected to import the pigs, but so far no imports have happened.
The Thai agency wanted 5% of every batch to be quarantined, meaning that for every 1000 pigs, 50 had to be quarantined. It takes two weeks to go through those procedures,” said Pham Tran Sum, Director of Viet Duc International Nutrition Company, adding that this cost about USD 65 for each pig.
Middlemen have also pushed prices up. According to Nguyen Van Thanh, Director of Thanh Do Nghe An, there are only 2 of 13 Thai exporters who are producers. The rest are traders. Also, only some of Vietnamese importers are pig producers, who have feedlots to keep the pigs in proper quarantine condition before sending them to the market.
Mr Thanh said the net price of Thai pigs is pushed by at least USD 0.4 -1/kg when it reaches feedlots in Vietnam.
In three weeks, the price increased from USD 2.2/kg to USD 2.9/kg. Players predict that the price of Thai pigs will further increase due to the general shortage in neighboring countries, and higher post-Covid demand.


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